Monday, 15 December 2008

Implications of PCT....

The implications of PCT in psychological distress are :-
1) The conflicts are internally and individually resolved
2) The conflicts are discussed in present
3) Knowing the historical background is not as effective as knowing the present situtaion and emotions at present in undersatnding and resolving any conflict.
4) An indiviual willingness to share comforatbly and openely that he /she is undergoing , his/her emotions , feelings with the therapist acclerates the process of therapy and increases the probablity of a successful therapy.
5) Bringing the conflicts to an invidual's awareness and consciousness plays a vital role in distress resolution.

Thus PCT model in psychological distress is very challenging and rewarding.

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  1. hello folks...please start it from the last one ..that is theory of perceptual control...otherwise u will find it quite technical..