Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Inspired by bharti thats my soni di.. to begin with.....please dont start assuming that whatever i will be writing in this blog ,will be an inspiration from bharti...But Of course..taking efforts to write a blog after such a long time is happening only after didi sent me her blog link on orkut....
To start with, its something to do with "Sab Maya Hai". This statement has got a deep meaning underlying it, which I am not fully aware of , may be not even a bit of it.First I heard it from my elder brother, Ajay, when I was in class VIII. Then I started hearing it from my younger bro, nishant, in a bit modified form i.e "Sab Time Pass hai".
As I said I dont know the underlying meaning of these statments , but deep down inside my heart, I recognize their significance and keep taking their advantage whenever required/needed. I would like to mention such few incidents.

It was the final year of my postgraduation, and we all were worried about our career and stuff like that. By the Almighty's grace it didn't take me long to find something which I was looking for .I started working as a Psychologist with one of Psychological firms in Mumbai. So was I happy??..Not really....No dont take me wrong , I was very happy for what I was doing, but it was a very hectic schedule .There was nothing else left but going from house to office & office to house . At that time I really used to wish ,I want something where I can take up my job as a fun and not as a burden....and very soon this wish of mine was fulfilled. I came to this place last year July.Again by Almighty's grace I started working in a hospital with every sort of flexibility and liberty. No burden at boss, no seniors, flexible hrs (choose ur own working days). So basically, I was completely relaxed and what I wished , I got that. I must be very satisfied..Was I? No, B'coz I was deprived of social life over here what could i do with my flexible hrs and leisure time. What does it get something and u start looking for something else...So basically U end up becoming unhappy for something that u dont have and not just happy for getting something that u had wished for once... To wrap it on today, I try to follow the "Sab Maya hai" or "Sab Time Pass hai"concept which help me to take life as it comes to me. Does it mean stop having dreams and desires?? U can/should dream and fight for your wishes and desires to be fulfilled, but not the extent of leaving youself with a sense of forever incompleteness, sadness, unsatisfaction...Take it easy folks..its all Time Pass. The sooner u learn it, the happier u would be...

So dont take your life too seriously..otherwise u wouldn't come out of it alive...and dont read this blog too seriously, otherwise u will be entangled with Maya and Time pass..

Will tell you another incident later..have to go now for another time pass ....


  1. ok. even as ur gud friend i never got d statement u had 'sab maya hai'.
    bt now i understand that it was not so light as i thought of like a style of urs. ur understanding n connection bwn d two sentences is too good. i would like to read an elaborated version of submerged philosophy bwn d two lines...... sab maya hai n sab time pass hai.
    how come these two r related?
    i like d way u illustrated d incident to understand d concept n m also egar to know d next one u'll explain.........

    congrets for ur blog..... n why to write these things if all this is time pass.....?????????? if nothing going to change.... so m i a fool??????????? PLS MAKE ME UNDERSTAND

  2. Hello RV..first of all thanks for ur comments on my blog..I think answer to ur 2nd question lies in ur question itself..Having said this, I mean you are writing all these things b'coz you just want to pass your time....and how do u know nothing is going to change if u just pass ur time...Dont u think, if u pass ur time by writing some stuff like this ,it will help u to improve ur writing skills, it will stimulate and engender some thoughts in you, originate some new ideas in you...

    My friend it does nt make u a fool having this belief that its all time just helps u to learn the art of "Take it easy man"...

    Anyways..keep posting, keep me it will b a grea8 time pass..

  3. on this blog, my view is that,life is to live it fullest.whether you r struggling for career, or overwhelmed with work, take everything as it comes and enjoy every moment bcoz u will never be satisfied.sab time pass hai but it depends, how u r passing the time, with fun or distressed. like me i am happy, how my life is going, keeping my career aspiration aside, i don't spoil my precious life moments thinking about my career.

  4. Thanks Sneha for your feedback about this blog. What u have written, I think we both agree on this point that we should stop mourning about what we dont have and start commending for whatever we have. "Sab Time Pass Hai" is a tool to keep u cool all the time.It helps u to take up serious affairs with fun and without being distressed.
    Anyways, I really admire you b'coz u are not only believing on this concept ,but u are following it as well. Keep it up!!
    All the best gal!!!

  5. hmmm... Great one Buchia! (I still feel comfortable calling you buchia). In fact quite pragmatic one! I Still remember "sab maya hai" the ajay bhaiya's famous one liner and "sab time paas hai" from Nishant. Actually same thing has been told by so many great people in various ways… being it Gita, Mahabharat, Kabir written books, etc. There are so many regional statements (phrases) to say the same thing… being it any region, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Bengali etc… “sab maya hai” is a sentence which comes to the final rescue (isn’t it strange!). Actually it’s such a strong and practical statement that none of the religion has challenged its existence, and has accepted it as it is.
    It’s been part and parcel of our culture.. There have been few trends (way of life) dedicated to the same concept, being it kabir panth, sufi, nirgun etc. We have been getting feed of this, from different sources throughout our life. Still we don’t recall it until we need this line to solace ourselves or others.
    By default we all are on mission to be victorious. Victorious in any form but yes… victorious. This mission forces us to act in haste, either we win or we lose. In any case if we do self-realization (I said self-realization), we end up realizing same thing, that “Sab maya hai”. Ultimately we all are standing on “zero”.
    I remember one “doha” from Kabir... which suits to be placed here...

    माया मरी ना मन मारा, मर मर गए शरीर |
    आशा तृष्णा ना मरी, कह गए दास कबीर ||

    We all know "sab maya hai", still we all are following "maya". every month, every day, every week, every moment... we are behind "Maya". Trust me, its "maya" which asked me to write so many words here.. n m still writting... let me finish it... another "Maya" in form of hunger is calling me. Let me manage to eat something!

  6. Hi I am...
    congrats to have restarted your venting out of feeling...
    it IS a good TIME-PASS...

    ...there is not actually much to comment after what RV, sneha and Ram have already deliberated upon. is my take on "sab maya hai" and "sab time pass hai".

    I ask the psychologist in would you react to a subject of yours who time and again manifests this "sab maya hai" in actions and reactions, in mood and in food...

    What should be the reaction of a teacher whose students are displaying this attitude "sab maya hai" or say " sab time pass hai"..

    or worse... say...if itz the soldier guarding that sentry post on the line of control and he letz this "sab maya hai" or even "sab time pass hai" thing get over him....

    and worst...if a doctor operating upon a patient gets into this...."sab maya/time-pass hai"....

    When we listen to these two supposedly universal conclusions, the face value of these are not actually the real meaning of MAYA...

    and the meaning is not already brought out by Ram...

    internet is abound with pages with meaning of maya... this link is one of them

    I feel to be too small a fish in the fry to comment on "sab maya hai"....

    aakkhir mei ek sawaal

    " kya maya yatharth se pare hai...yaa... maya hi yatharth hai?"

    don't answer just brood!

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  8. Hii Shyam..Its really very kind of u to give your very kind, insightful, and pragmatic thoughts (mind u I didn't say 'comments') on "Sab Maya Hai". Having said this, I mean, I was kind of stuck up...sort of trapped with this 'Maya'(for a while) when trying to comprehend ur thoughts.

    I did spend some quality time with myself ,pondered about it and here I am again to respond to ur responses.

    To start with the worse one i.e for a soldier guarding the sentry post on the line of control, Hats off to him and a feeling of genuine gratitude to him, for he has taken over the 'Maya' with this belief that “Sab Maya Hai”( this is how I take it, which I know is other way round for u) which enabled him to be away from everything (his house, family, friends, comforst of life, etc all sorts of maya) and everyone .

    Coming to the worst one, I would suggest the doctor to spend some quality time (Time pass in my terms) with his patient and gets lots of blessings from him/her.

    Last but nt the least, My dear friend Shyam, I told u not to take this blog too seriously which u didn't abide by...thats why u came up with such a serious question..."Kya Maya Yatharth..."??

    How Can I end this without thanking you for leaving me with such a good nt.. but really great time pass i.e to think about my responses to ur thoughts. Trust me I mean it.