Thursday, 8 October 2009

Aspiration VS Destiny

“ Jo insaan actual me chahta hai na, real mein, woh hi use milta hai”, yeah people u got it right , its the dialogue from the hindi movie "Jab we met" which I am sure many of would have watched. "Samay se pehle aur bhagya se jyada kisi ko kuch nhi milta", give yourself a second and ask yoursef , how many times have you used this saying either to console youself or to sympathise with ur closed ones.
So guys and gals there, try to brainstorm for sometime and discover for urself , which one of these u are more convinced with:- kareena's stated dialogue or the saying...or you are convinced with both of these? Writing this blog will be a help for me to come out of this dilemma and figure it out which one do I follow.
I had just got my result for my graduation and I wanted to go for my Post-Graduation. I got the call letter from B.H.U , Dept of psychology. My father had his own concern about leaving me alone in a city and that too in a hostel. So he wanted me to continue my study in patna only which I didn't want to happen at all. I was very rigid about it and my father was also very convinced about his opinion . I was very disappointed and kept on trying to make my father undersatnd that nothing will happen to me if I am alone on my own. He could see my grief which worked for me and after a lot of tussle he gave me the permission to take admission in B.H.U. In this case , still I dont know what was it...was it my bhagya or was it, ye maine actual me chaha tha, real me??Whatever it was , it was fruitful for me.
I have a cousin brother. I call him Bhutkun and he is Ram for his friends...before u start thinking anything about why he is Ram for his friends ....basically his name is Ram. This guy did all his primary education in a village called Awadhpur and that too in a school where students had to take their own mat to sit upon as there was no benches, where the teachers were not highy but hardly qualified and with may more limitations. This was the first time , he stepped out of his village and came to a city i.e Patna for his XIth admission. He finished his XIIth and enrolled himself for B.C.A in IGNOU. He enrolled for B.C.A. , but did he have a single clue what computer was all about, had he even seen a computer before this, could he manage to take up this course with his existing ability to communicate at that time?? No...Not at all...So he mustn't have continued with his B.C.A. Nevertheless he did continue with this and he met a guy, who was a great support for him. Bhutkun used to call him his guru. This guy (My apologies as I dont remember his name) facilitated him both technically and emotinally. Bhutkun still feels that arrival of this fellow was like onset of good fortune in his life. However , As on date, Ram is in Microsoft, Banglore, working as a Beta Engineer in Unified Communications. What I know bhutkun, I guess, he gives the credit to his destiny.(correct me please if I am wrong).
I feel many of us wish to b taken overy by our destiny several times and many of us just keep on striving & trying incessantly even if the things are not working out at all. It wouldn't be justified if we say which one is right and which one is wrong??Or should we give it an attempt which we do quite often actually in order to make things handy and convenient for us...Don't we??
Well there does not seem to be any bottomline to this , is there any ??if u find one ..Please tell me also. What I believe personally that everyone tries as per his/her best ability (mind it as per his/her ability and nt urs or mine ....) and if it doesn't work out , I leave it in SFGTD (Something for God to do) box...Believe me it helps and afterall God helps those who help themselves...well I don't say this..this is again a famous saying like "samay aur bhagya"which we all use to comfort ourselves and console others as well...and there is nuthing wrong in doing so...

I guess u must have done enough brainstorming by now if nt do it to find this out..inspite of kareena putting all her efforts (fled away, left her family....usne ye real me chaha tha na , actual me) to meet her boyfriend...but did it happen??...and Shahid kappor on the other hand liked her and just left things on his fate and it did worked out for him...didn't it?? Or was it the liberty of reel life (movie) that made it possible? Ya fir probably both kareena and shahid had eagerly, actually wanted it to b with each it happened? Or could be it was just their fate?
Carry on guys ..u dont have much time and dont worry even if u dont come out with any result ..Probably its not the right time ("Samay se Pehle") for us to know this...definitely not for me at least..


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